Hàng mới về DDR4 Team Elite Plus 8GB Bus 3200

1.2 V memory module, 8GB capacity, DDR4 3200 JEDEC CAS22

The quality first principle

TEAMGROUP’s ELITE series launches an all new DDR4 memory module product, with an operating voltage of only 1.2V, which saves a lot of power consumption. It reduces the heat generated by the product itself and also maintains the ambient temperature around the system. This product is fully compliant with JEDEC standards and is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all major platforms on the market. Both single channel and dual channel package are released at the same time to meet the needs of different levels of users. With up to 64GB Kit (32GBx2) of temporary storage space, data processing speed is twice as fast. The superb performance of TEAMGROUP’s ELITE series provides you with excellent quality of stability, long-term efficiency and low power consumption.

DDR4 Team Elite Plus 8GB Bus 3200

  • Lượt quan tâm sản phẩm: 1016
  • Mã sản phẩm: DDRTMG001
  • Bảo Hành: 36 Tháng
  • Khuyến mại:
  • Kho hàng: Có hàng
  • 890,000VNĐ
  • Thuế: 890,000VNĐ


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